A Crack in the wall Episode 4

It’s always have and never hold
You’ve begun to feel like home
What’s mine is yours to leave or take
What’s mine is yours to make your own.
Oh, oh,oh
Be my baby
I’ll look after you
– The Fray (Look After You)

It was almost 6pm. Rush hour by Titi’s observations. She gritted her teeth in frustration upon realizing she would never get home in time for her routine evening walk.

Maybe that was a good thing. The Ajah area had become increasingly chaotic these past few days.

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The Orientation Episode 11

“How does a wedding qualify as a success?”  Mimi idly mused as she glanced round the huge banquet hall, searching for anyone she knew.  She sat at the left corner of the huge rectangular hall at a table marked “Reserved”. The tent itself had been decorated in a Middle Eastern theme. A huge gold cloth spread across the entire ceiling with a crisscross of mint green silk and hanging red gauze spanning its length. Gold light bulbs hung from the ceiling casting a soft magical glow across the hall. It was breath-taking. Servers bearing trays of exotic delicacies navigated the rows of tables like skilled drivers in Lagos traffic. Although she was no expert on weddings by any standards, Mimi felt certain that THIS wedding was a success, from the Arabian-themed wedding reception to the glowing couple on the dance floor.


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This is a poem by a blogger and spoken word artist whom I greatly admire, Koromone Koroye. She’s a fellow Nigerian and Piscean gaining international recognition for putting her thoughts into words.

She read this poem called, “Michelle,” which is her tribute to First Lady Michelle Obama at Hofstra’s Black History Month reception and I had to share. Enjoy! Continue reading

She who runs (episode 6)

“Jessica Akadi, something is wrong and you’re going to tell me or I’ll force it out of you” he said staring into my eyes.

How do you tell your ex-boyfriend that you’re now a runs girl? That you have a depraved masochistic married man for a lover who wants to possess you in every way possible? It sounded demented, desperate..
I stared Davies straight in the eyes and lied. “Nothing’s wrong Davie. I’m just more tired than I thought”
He eyed me skeptically. “Is it this new mysterious job of yours?Is your boss a slavedriver?” Continue reading

Shades of Sadness

Your face will start wars. Mother used to say.
I am no Helen of Sparta whose beauty started the war between Troy and Greece.
I started no wars.
No one will fight for me even.
I lay there in the bath tub staring with morbid fascination at blood that turned the bath water a pinkish hue. A crazed smile on my face. It didn’t hurt so much. My hand had grown numb and my lips trembled from the cold. If the bleeding didn’t kill me, the hypothermia would. Anyway, it was win-win situation.
You know how they say your life flashes before your eyes right at that moment before you die-Yes,that- mine was like a slideshow of poignant memories. Voices from a not-too-distant past called to me like ghouls from the grave. Continue reading

14 Questions About Women That Men Want Answers To

Dear Men, We’ve heard you say so many times that you just don’t get us (by we, I mean women). We’ve also heard you say that in fact, we don’t even get ourselves and we don’t know what we really want. To some extent, you may be right. We’re human beings and we get confused…


Feature Poet – Titilope Sonuga

I listened to this on Gidi Up Season 2 Episode 10- Olympus has fallen (One of my favourite shows by the way) and then I hear these words, so softly spoken yet so powerfully delivered. Words that resonated with the woman I was and hoped to be. And I just had to google Titilope Sonuga (So yes! I’m a proud groupie now….). I thought I’d share this. It would be a sin not to.

Five Friends That Affect Your Finances

Did you know that financial peer pressure is why a lot of people are in debt or lacking savings. We buy the things that we are “supposed to have” in order to gain acceptance from our peers. The key to breaking this cycle is spending time with people whose financial priorities are more in line with our own. With that I give you, the five friends that affect your finances… Continue reading

A Crack in the wall Episode 5

Lanre marched down the maze of corridors at LifeCare Hospital, his eyes searching each hospital sign frantically as he went. The clickety-clack of heels against the tiled hospital floor behind him reminded him of Heather close behind struggling to catch up. He had no patience for her catwalk.

He strode past a corridor that branched off the main hallway then came to a screeching halt Continue reading